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Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys



Do you get annoyed with the blaring of your alarm clock in the morning? If so, get one of these

coolest alarm clocks for guys

you’ll actually want to wake up to!

Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys – Buyer’s Guide

We all need alarm clocks in our lives. We need them to wake up and go to work every morning. You know, so we don’t get fired! But at the same time, we can’t help but loathe their twanging every morning.

Do you feel like smashing your alarm clock in the morning? Do you feel like flinging it against the wall with a baseball bat? And do you wish there was a better way you could wake up in the morning?

Well, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest alarm clocks for guys that you can buy on Amazon right now. Sure, you might still hate waking up in the morning. But at least these alarm clocks will make the process a little less painful.

Read on for an overview of the coolest alarm clocks for guys to wake up to!

Top 9 Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

1. Trademark Games Toy Gun Alarm Clock

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Most Fun Alarm Clock for Guys

Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

How often do you feel like shooting your alarm clock in frustration? Well, with the Trademark Games Toy Gun Alarm Clock, you can do just that! This is one of the coolest alarm clocks for guys that wakes you up to a preset song, tune, or message of your choosing. If you want to snooze a while longer, you can trigger the snooze setting. But this is where the twist comes in.

In order to snooze the alarm clock, you have to shoot at the bull’s eye using the laser gun. You can set up two difficulty settings. Under Normal mode, you have to hit the bull’s eye only once. Under the Hard mode, you have to hit the bull’s eye five times! The alarm will keep on ringing till you shoot it sufficiently. Furthermore, every time you shoot the laser, it recoils like an actual gun and makes a sound.

By the time you are successful in putting it in snooze mode, you would have effectively woken up. This alarm clock essentially helps us get over our snooze-lethargy and get some target-practice in at the same time!

2. PureGuardian SPA260

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Most Comforting Alarm Clock for Guys

Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

Do you hate waking up to an annoying twanging sound? Do you hate loud noises in the morning? Would you like to wake up more gently and peacefully? If so, the PureGuardian SPA260 is perfect for you!

This alarm clock wakes you up through a spa-like experience. As one of our top 9 coolest alarm clocks for guys, this alarm clock comes with an essential oils dispenser. You have to fill it up with the fragrant oil of your choosing. When it’s time to wake up, it will gently start diffusing the oil so it wafts over the room and reaches your olfactory senses. Furthermore, an ultrasonic humidifier is used to also disperse a gentle cool mist in the air to imitate the natural feel of waking up to morning dew.

Both the scent and the mist are designed to provide a calming sensory effect. This naturally wakes you up gently and peacefully so your day can begin well. It helps you avoid the frustration of a loud alarm sound. The alarm clock also comes with a night light and you can choose the color and sensitivity. If you like a gentle light to see you to sleep, this will be perfect.

3. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

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Brightest Alarm Clock for Guys

Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

Have you ever woken up to the feeling of sunshine falling on your face? It really is one of the most soothing ways to wake up. It also feels completely natural, like you have woken up of your own free will rather than being jarred awake. That’s what the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is all about.

This alarm clock uses a clinically-approved light-therapy lamp that gently imitates sunshine. You should place it on a table facing towards you so the sunshine can pour down on you in the morning. Furthermore, instead of throwing all the light at you at once, it gently increases in brightness to wake you up. It begins the light simulation 30 minutes before the allotted time, and then gradually increases in brightness through 10 different levels before settling on 200 Lux.

In addition to the light, it also comes with a speaker that can start beeping to function as a regular alarm clock. You can also tap the snooze function to sleep a little longer.

4. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Light Up Alarm Clock

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Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Light Up Alarm Clock is 9.5 inches tall and comes with movable arms and legs. If you’re a major fan of star wars, you might like having this figurine on your nightstand. The figure comes with an inbuilt alarm clock that can emit both light and sound to wake you up however you like.

When the alarm clock is triggered, the display lights up and the alarm starts ringing. As such, both light and sound confront you to wake you up. You can then either wake up or hit the snooze button by pushing down on the figure’s head.

5. Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock

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Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

The Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock can make a great gift for a loved one on the occasion of Valentine’s Day or some other holiday. This is essentially a wooden vase within which you can keep flowers. The vase itself has the display and it flashes the time, date, temperature, humidity, and other important information.

You have the option to select a number of different alarm tones for a daily, weekly, or even monthly period. It comes with sound activation and deactivation as well. You can set up around 3 alarms in quick succession instead of relying on the snooze system.

You should note that while this may appear to be a vase, it should not be filled with water. You should not let it get wet and only store dry flowers or tools in it.

6. Clocky, the Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels

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Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

Clocky is one of the most fun and effective alarm clocks you can get. As the name suggests, it’s a “runaway alarm clock”. As such, the moment the alarm is triggered, it jumps off a 3-foot nightstand and starts running around everywhere in the room beeping as loud as possible. If it crashes into walls, it can automatically set itself right. The only way to turn off the beeping or snooze it is to run after it and catch it.

Clocky can be used on carpeted floors or wooden floors. It’s pretty fast so you’ll need to be alert enough to catch it. By the time you’re done catching it to activate snooze, you would have likely gotten off your bed and chased after the alarm clock, making it very effective.

7. Big Red RoosterRocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock

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Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

The Big Red Rooster Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that projects the time along with some NASA images on your ceilings. You can set up the image you want to be flashed on the ceiling — it can be the moon, a space shuttle, earth, or a man on the moon.

When the time comes, the alarm clock will start ringing and you’ll see the image and the time flashed on the screen. This is a fun way to force you to confront what time it is so that you can be motivated to get up in time.

The projection only works on walls or surfaces up to 30 meters in diameters. Furthermore, you can set up a timer for how long you want the images to be displayed.

8. Ruggie Alarm Clock

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ruggie alarm clock

Has it ever happened to you that when the alarm clock rings, you simply slam it shut and go back to sleep? Do you have trouble getting out of bed even with the loudest of alarms?

That’s where the Ruggie Alarm Clock comes in. This alarm clock pretty much forces you to stand up and get dressed. Once this alarm clock gets triggered, there’s only one way to stop it — stand up and set your foot on the alarm clock. It’s designed like a common rug, but it is pressure sensitive. You should keep it beneath your bed. As such, the moment it starts ringing, you will have to get up and turn it off by standing on it. Otherwise, it will continue ringing.

The rug itself is made of a soft and fluffy fabric that feels good on the foot. It’s wrapped around slow-rebounding memory foam. As such, no matter how many times you step on it, the rug will be fine.

9. The Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock

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Coolest Alarm Clocks for Guys

Do you hate waking up to sound and beeping? Do you think light and aroma are ineffective means of waking you up? If so, you can try the Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock. This alarm clock comes in two parts — the alarm display and a wrist band.

The alarm display flashes the time and the wrist band has to be worn on your hands when you sleep. As such, when the time comes, the alarm clock will send vibrations through your arms. This will help you wake up through gentle vibrations and sensory touch rather than sound, light, or aroma. Some people find this to be the most effective type of alarm clock. In order to put it to snooze, you have to shake the wristband a couple of times.

If you don’t want the sensory vibrations, you can also opt for the ringing mode so it will function like just any other alarm clock.

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