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Best Bathroom Scales



Looking for the best bathroom scales? This guide breaks down the best bathroom scales on the market and goes into detail on each product – to help find the perfect bathroom scales for you!

Bathroom scales have been a staple of every household for generations, with people keen to keep track of their weight.

Advancements in technology haven’t threatened the bathroom scales market in any capacity and the development of links between scales and smartphones has seen a huge boost in the popularity of bathroom scales the world over.

Best Bathroom Scales 2020 | Digital, Smart Scales & Body Fat Scales

Knowledge and awareness of one’s weight is often a sensitive subject, with people keen to gain or lose weight of both health and aesthetical reasons. Bathroom scales were often seen as a gimmicky addition to homes with inconsistent results causing frustration for users.

In recent times however, technology has advanced with scales able to inform users of their weight with increasing accuracy and detail – allowing people to develop fitness/health plans off the back of the increased knowledge.

As with all technological markets however, there are constant advancements and developments that enable the marketplace to grow and with each product possessing an array of innovative features, it is important to find the right one for you.

Best Bathroom Scales

1. RENPHO Bathroom Smart Scales

Best Selling Bathroom Smart Scales

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best bathroom scales

The technological advancements in bathroom scales have centred round the pairing compatibilities between each set of scales and a phone or tablet and the RENPHO Bathroom Smart Scales have become one of the most recognizable products on the market.

The RENPHO Bathroom Smart Scales pair easily with a variety of fitness apps including Samsung Health, Fitbit and Apple Health – allowing users to get the best out of their scales, regardless of their tech preferences. The user-friendly app is easy to download from the app store or google play and all synchronizations are completed through Bluetooth.

The scales themselves give users 13 essential measurements every time they step on to weigh themselves. From actual bodyweight to BMI, skeletal muscle and body fat percentage, all bases are covered with the RENPHO Bathroom Scales.

Each set of scales comes complete with in-built auto calibration, high precision sensors that measure in increments of 0.05 kg and a capacity of 180kg. All safety measures are passed too with each product being FDA & ROHS Certificated.

Monitoring your progress with the RENPHO Bathroom Smart Scales is easy with the app designed to help you set goals, and track your daily, weekly and monthly progress.

As one of the best-selling products on the market, the RENPHO Bathroom Smart Scales offer something for everyone, regardless of their motives for monitoring their weight. With an affordable pricing structure and over 3 million users across the world, the quality of their product is excellent, and they are a good choice for those looking to keep track of their weight regularly.

2. Etekcity Digital Bodyweight Bathroom Scales

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Etekcity Digital Bodyweight Bathroom Scales

As with all marketplaces, there is a wide spectrum of choice when it comes to pricing structures and the Etekcity Digital Bodyweight Bathroom Scales are operating at the cheaper end of the market, without compromising on quality.

Clear efforts have been made to make the Etekcity Digital Bodyweight Bathroom Scales as durable as possible. The 6mm thick tempered glass provides exceptional sturdiness and the extra-large 11.8-inch x 11.8-inch platform makes them easy to use in any household environment.

Despite not offering the technological features of smart scales, the Etekcity Digital Bodyweight Bathroom Scales have multiple functions including an in-built auto calibration, low battery and overload indication and an easy to read backlit LCD display.

The USP of the Etekcity Digital Bodyweight Bathroom Scales is its accuracy. Each unit is packed with 4 latest-version high-precision sensors, developed using German Technology, to provide the most accurate results for users.

Whilst in comparison to some of the smart scales on the market the Etekcity Digital Bodyweight Bathroom Scales may seem a little dated, the accuracy and price of the scales make it an excellent addition to any home.

3. Bveiugn Smart Digital Bathroom Scales

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Bveiugn Smart Digital Bathroom Scales

The continual development of the smart bathroom scales market has made for a congested marketplace. The Bveiugn Smart Digital Bathroom Scales are one of the market leading products in the development of the options available through bathroom scale use and their innovative approach to helping users reach their weight goals has seen them become one of the most popular products on the market.

The Bveiugn Smart Digital Bathroom Scales leave no stone unturned with the level of detail they give their users. Each time you weigh yourself, 11 health indicators are visible to help  provide accurate data for weight, BMI, body fat rate, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle rate, muscle mass, bone mass, protein count, BMR, and body age. This enables users to have a clear idea of the areas within their body they need to improve upon.

The accompanying Fitdays APP allows users to control of their health and weight data and smart phones can get automatic binding and record all fitness changes and needs automatically.

Despite the concentration on data recording, no corners have been cut in terms of accuracy. Each unit contains 4 high precision G-sensors, enabling market-leading accuracy statistics and the Bveiugn Smart Digital Bathroom Scales has a sleek and simple design, allowing it to fit in any home environment.

Another innovative feature of the Bvelugn Smart Digital Bathroom Scales is the ability to store weight information for up to 24 users at a time. The scales instantly recognise a user when they step onto the unit and all the data is displayed, at a glance, on the app.

The Bvelugn Smart Digital Bathroom Scales continue to blaze a trail in the smart scale market due to their accuracy and assistance with achieving targets. Whilst it is certainly not the cheapest product in-class, it is highly reliable and a great choice for anyone looking to smash their health and fitness goals fast.

4. POHL SCHMITT Smart Bathroom Scales

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POHL SCHMITT Smart Bathroom Scales

As with all measurement units, ensuring accurate and definitive results is the most important element. The POHL SCHMITT Smart Bathroom Scales are one of the market leaders when it comes to providing accurate and transparent measurements for their users.

With 4 built-in high precision sensors the POHL SCHMITT Smart Bathroom Scales guarantee consistent and accurate measurements of up to 400lbs/180 kg. Measurement units are displayed in pounds, kilograms and stones. BIA technology helps users measure body weight, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, BMI, and fat-free body weight to give you in-depth knowledge of how your body is comprised.

The USP for the POHL SCHMITT Smart Bathroom Scales is their innovative large LCD display and step-on technology. Users need not worry about tapping or switching scales to turn them on. Simply step on the scales delivers instant readings and the durable glass platform and non-slip feet patches will prevent the floor from scratching. The extra-large LCD display helps users easily read from any distance, regardless of whether it is day or night.

The POHL SCHMITT Smart Bathroom Scales team offer a comprehensive customer service package with every purchase and with smart technology designed to record and monitor results, users can maximise their efficiency when using the scales.

The affordable price, accurate results and reliable product policies make the POHL SCHMITT Smart Bathroom Scales a wise move for those looking for the perfect bathroom smart scale set at home.

5. Loftilla Smart Bathroom Scales

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Loftilla Smart Bathroom Scales

The popularity of bathroom smart scales has been brought about through an increased awareness of the health and fitness industry and the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle. The Loftilla Smart Bathroom Scales are a one of the pioneers of enabling users to identify the areas of their weight/health that need improvements.

As with most smart scales, the process of connecting and syncronising the scales with smartphones is seamless. The Loftilla App enables users to track their weight and BMI trends easily, with all the data being transferred securely through Bluetooth. The Loftilla Smart Bathroom Scales work in conjunction with the major players in the fitness app world such as Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit, allowing you to step on the scales and get your weight and BMI on your smartphone instantly.

The USP for the Loftilla Smart Bathroom Scales is the addition of in-built WiFi. Allowing the scales to double up as not only a much-needed health/fitness product, but also as a means of connecting to the internet if other options aren’t available. As a result, storing all the data recorded on the scales is easy and data transfer between scales and app is seamless.

The Loftilla Smart Bathroom Scales can store data for up to 8 users at any one time, with instant recognition technology used to identify each user and show them their progress from the last time they were weighed.

As with many of their competitors on the market, the Loftilla Smart Bathroom Scales carry 4 high precision sensors that operate with the latest technology to deliver accurate weight measurements up to 400 pounds, meaning results are spot on every time.

With a customer support team based in the USA, the Loftilla Smart Bathroom Scales are a reliable and innovative choice for those looking for accurate results and increased connectivity through their bathroom scales.

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