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Best High Pressure Washers Under $500



Best High Pressure Washers

High pressure washers can get rid of the toughest and most stubborn stains from a wide range of equipment such as cars, bicycles, etc. They use high flow rates and high pressure to achieve extremely clean results, getting rid of grime, oil stains, dirt, and all other forms of pollutants.

There are a number of different types of high pressure washers out there. You have gas-powered pressure washers, electric pressure washers, and various others as well. Furthermore, all different high pressure washers come with their unique sets of advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we’ll help you figure out which pressure washer is ideal for your specific needs. Read on for a detailed review of some of the best high pressure washers under $500 on the market.

Best High Pressure Washers – Buyer’s Guide

1. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

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Best Gas-Powered High Pressure Washer

Best High Pressure Washers

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot is an extremely affordable gas-powered high pressure washer. It has an incredible 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate that can ensure that your driveway or trucks are sparkling clean within an hour.

This high pressure washer is also pretty lightweight at 65 pounds so you won’t have much trouble carrying it around. In addition to being light, it also comes with large 10-inch tires to roll it along and a wheelbarrow design. Even the hose is designed with a kink-resistant material and build, making it efficient and getting rid of all issues.

Finally, SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot is an extremely reasonable and affordable high pressure washer for residential users. Not only is it cheap to purchase, but it also has an incredibly efficient Honda residential-use engine. While this isn’t meant for regular commercial use, it’s the ideal machine for weekend cleaning purposes.

2. Annovi Reverberi AR383SS Pressure Washer

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Best Electric High Pressure Washer

Best High Pressure Washers

Annovi Reverberi AR383SS is one of the best electric high pressure washers for residential and medium-duty use. As an electric high pressure washer, it’s not as powerful as a gas-powered washer, but it’s a lot quieter and it doesn’t generate any noxious fumes that are hazardous for health or the environment.

This electric pressure washer has a quick connect hose attachment system that makes it easy to operate. It is also equipped with a stainless lance with quick release nozzles whereas many other pressure washers use plastic ones. As such, it gives you better control over the water and makes the entire machine a lot more durable.

Annovi Reverberi AR383SS has a 30-foot hose and the tank can hold 28 ounces of detergent water. It generates around 1.3 gallons per minute of water, but it’s a lot more efficient than many other washers so that’s a pretty strong flow. Generally speaking, this washer produces about 45% more pressure while using 80% less water than most water hoses, making it pretty efficient.

3. SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer

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Best Professional High Pressure Washer

Best High Pressure Washers

Simpson Cleaning PowerShot PS3228 is a commercial-grade high pressure washer meant for professional and regular use. It’s equipped with a Honda engine and a AAA industrial quality triplex plunger pump, both of which are the best in the industry and can keep the machine working for several years.

This high pressure washer has a HONDA GX200 engine equipped with oil alerts that let you know when you’re running out of fuel. It also uses PowerBoost Technology to facilitate consistency in water flow and it uses pump bypass mode for protection. The hose is 25 feet long and it’s resistant to kinks and abrasions. There are a total of 5 quick connect nozzles — 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap. As such, not only is it powerful, it’s also really versatile.

Simpson Cleaning PowerShot PS3228 generates 2.5 gallons per minute of water which is a pretty heavy and high pressure flow, ideal for commercial use. It’s pretty heavy at 83 pounds, but the 10″ premium pneumatic wheels make it easy to transport.

4. Generac 7019 OneWash 3

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Best High Pressure Washers

Generac OneWash 7019 is another powerful gas-powered high pressure washer suitable for both residential and commercial uses. This pressure washer has an adjustable pressure ranging from 2,000 to 3,1000 PSI. There are four different pressure settings for you to choose from and you can flip between them by simply turning a knob. This is a really effective design because you can essentially move from cleaning glass windows or cars to cleaning driveways instantly without having to change nozzles.

This high pressure washer has been designed in an upright style that allows you to store it in a compact space in a garage. It also comes with an orange cover for the engine that can muffle the engine’s sound so you don’t need to wear ear muffs. The spray gun has been ergonomically designed and is equipped with the pressure Power Dial. It also has an inbuilt 0.5-gallon detergent tank that makes the washer even more efficient since you don’t need to get detergent externally.

Generac OneWash 7019 can generate 2.4 gallons per minute of water with a 196cc engine. It also has four quick change nozzles — 0°, 25°, 40°, and soap. Finally, it weighs only 57 pounds, making it considerably lighter than other gas-powered high pressure washers with a similar power rating.

5. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe

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Best High Pressure Washers

Sun Joe SPX3000 is an affordable and compact electric high pressure washer for residential use. It runs on a powerful 14.5-amp/1800-Watt motor that can produce a reasonably strong pressure of 2030 PSI with a flow of 1.76 gallons per minute. As such, it’s certainly not as powerful as the aforementioned gas-powered high pressure washers. But it’s still perfectly suitable for residential purposes like cleaning cars and driveway.

This high pressure washer is equipped with five quick-connect spray tips — 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º, and soap. You can switch between these nozzles depending on the task at hand. The best feature here is the Total Stop System that can automatically stop the pump when the trigger isn’t engaged. This allows you to efficiently use this machine by keeping the switch engaged and shut it off by simply lifting your fingers. This is also efficient because you don’t keep the water running when you don’t need it.

This high pressure washer is equipped with two detergent tanks, both of them with a capacity of 0.9 liters. You can store different types of detergents in both of them and you can also remove them if necessary. This offers a lot of versatility and you can use them for different types of cleaning projects.

All things considered, Sun Joe SPX3000 is a highly efficient pressure washer for residential use. It weighs only 30 pounds so it’s also extremely easy to store in a garage and carry around.

6. Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

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Best High Pressure Washers

Karcher K5 is an electric high pressure washer that can run on 120V of power and produces a pressure of 2000 PSI with a flow of 1.4 gallons per minute. In terms of pressure and water flow, it’s on the lower end, but that’s because it’s only meant for home and occasional use. It comes with an integrated 25-foot hose that allows you to store it easily.

This high pressure washer is also equipped with a Vario Power Spray wand with which you can easily adjust the water pressure from the hose directly, without having to change nozzles. The Dirtblaster spray wand, meanwhile, allows you to tackle stains that are stubborn and rigid. This washer also has an N-COR pump that’s durable and resistant to corrosions. My favorite feature in this machine is the water-cooled induction motor that increases the lifespan by up to 5 times.

Karcher K5 is a decent electric high pressure washer, but only if you want it for occasional and lightweight tasks. It can easily be stored in most garages as it is relatively compact and weighs only 32 pounds.

7. Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer

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Best High Pressure Washers

If you’re looking for a cheap high pressure washer that you can purchase without dipping into your savings but still does the job fairly well, then Greenworks GPW1501 is your best option. This is an extremely lightweight pressure washer that can only produce a pressure of 1500 PSI with a flow of 1.2 gallons per minute. As such, it’s the least high-pressure washer in this list, but it’s also far cheaper than all other so it’s suitable for home use.

This high pressure washer is also versatile in its use because you can use it both horizontally or vertically. It comes with a 20 feet high-pressure hose along with an M22 Universal Threaded Twist On Hose & Trigger Handle. In terms of nozzles, you only have two options — 25° and 40°. But they can be connected easily and can be used for purposes like cleaning cars and driveways.

All things considered, Greenworks GPW1501 is a bare bones electric high pressure washer and has minimal features. But it’s still perfect for home use because the water pressure is decent — lot stronger than a regular garden hose — and it’s very cheap.

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