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Best Smartwatch for Kids



Is your child desperate to follow in your footsteps and have the latest smartwatch?

Here are some of the best smartwatches for kids on the market to ensure they can safely enjoy communicating with their friends and family.

Best Smartwatch for Kids 2020 ~ Best kids smartwatches

With children becoming increasingly familiar with technological trends, the smart watch market has developed in order to provide secure and innovative watches for kids to use.

Smartwatches have been a roaring success on the adult market, with most technology companies seeing the benefit of offering a watch for people to communicate with. This has had a knock-on effect with children wanting to be able to access many of the same features available on smartwatches and the convenience of being able to communicate through a watch rather than a phone, appeals to parents and kids alike.

As with most technological products, there are a plethora of smartwatches to choose from on the market. This guide will highlight some of the very best products available and help you choose the right smartwatch for your little one.

Best Smartwatch for Kids 2020

1. OJOY A1 Kids SmartWatch

Best Selling Kids Smartwatch

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best smartwatch for kids

The OJOY A1 Kids Smartwatch has been one of the best-selling smart watches on the market since its launch. It is the perfect alternative to a mobile phone, carrying multiple features that any phone on the market would have, with stringent security features to give parents peace of mind.

The 1.4-inch retina display is market-leading and allows children to enjoy a host of features including the OJOY iOS and Android app, manage calendar activities and set school and after-school schedules. Innovative features of the OJOY A1 Kids Smartwatch include an alarm, a stopwatch and a step counter – all of which are accessible through the kid friendly interface.

Child safety is a noted priority with the OJOY A1 Kids Smartwatch and many of its features echo that. Parents can track the location of the watch/child through the app, children can call/voice message their parents anytime and the location history tool allows parents to stay abreast of their child’s movements. All these safety features are in-built and accessible for parents without compromising the sense of freedom children are looking for.

In addition, the OJOY A1 Kids Smartwatch is waterproof, facilitates 4G and WiFi use and has an in-built 2MP camera making it one of the most diverse and comprehensive products on the market.

2. Yenisey Kids Smartwatch for Boys & Girls

Best Affordable Kids Smartwatch

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best smartwatch for kids

As with the adult smartwatch industry, there a huge variety of options for customers in terms of cost. The Yenisey Kids Smartwatch for Boys & Girls is an affordable solution for parents and children whilst maintaining many enticing features for users.

The key feature of the Yenisey Kids Smartwatch for Boys & Girls is the in-built MP3 player which allows users to download songs to the in-built SD card and play on demand. In addition, kids can listen to FM radio through the watch and its in-built earphone jack. The in-built Bluetooth platform also allows children to connect their watch to speakers/headphones to play their chosen songs.

Other innovative features include two-way calling modes, a fitness tracker, pedometer, alarm clock, flashlight and phone book.

Security is once more at the heart of the operation with the Yenisey Kids Smartwatch for Boys & Girls and when kids are at school, parents can moderate how much use of the watch they can have. The Do Not Disturb mode forbids children to use all features except for a SOS emergency call, enabling them to concentrate on their studies.

3. Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch

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best smartwatch for kids

Aesthetics are as important to children as they are to adults and the Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch allows children to gain a real sense of independence from their smartwatch whilst looking good with it on.

The Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch uses advanced technology as part of its IP67 Waterproof system allowing parents peace of mind whenever their child is swimming/showering/cleaning that the watch will be 100% safe.

The watch itself requires an app download and sim card to use but once all the features have been put on to the watch, it is simple for children to access.

Some of the key features of the Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch include calling (including SOS emergency), phone book, footprint, alarm clock and a camera. In addition, there are variety of games for children to play during any spare time they may have.

The Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch also prioritizes safety and security with an in-built do not disturb feature and location tracking allowing parents to keep up to date with all their child’s movements.

4. Karaforna Kids Smartwatch GPS Tracker

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best smartwatch for kids

GPS Tracking has long been a key component of adult smart watches with everyone seemingly keen to up their step count and get fitter in the millennial age. The Karaforna Kids SmartWatch GPS Tracker is a market leader in encouraging children to up their activity and track their daily movements.

The GPS Tracker carries two main functions, security and activity logging. The security features on the Karaforna Kids SmartWatch allow parents to have a highly accurate picture of their kids’ movements and they can set up safety zones with alerts if they don’t want their children to visit certain places. Secondly, the accuracy of the activity log allows children to see their step count grow and access how many calories they have burned through exercise.

The Karaforna Kids SmartWatch GPS Tracker also carries all the desired features in a smartwatch including an alarm clock, a designated safe area, lighting, games as well as a camera and photo album.  

5. CMKJ Kids Smartwatch

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best smartwatch for kids

The CMKJ Kids Smartwatch is a market leader at the more affordable end of the spectrum. Available in three colours to fit with each child’s preference, the 2G GSM Smartwatch has a 1.54-inch touch screen with IPS technology.

The two-way calling system is the highlight feature of the CMKJ Kids Smartwatch with a built- in enhanced antenna providing higher 2-way voice communication clarity allowing parents to communicate with their children efficiently.

The CMKJ Kids Smartwatch is more appropriate for younger children who are looking to play games and listen to music in their spare time. The watch has 7 built-in games for children to enjoy as well as a MP3 player and camera and accompanying photo album feature.

6. TickTalk 3 Universal Kids Smartwatch

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best smartwatch for kids

As with all technological products, there is a wide spectrum of prices and offerings from each company. The TickTalk 3 Universal Kids Smartwatch is a product targeting the higher end of the market and in turn, older children that are looking for more adult features from their smartwatch.

The TickTalk 3 Universal Kids Smartwatch offers an innovative messaging service, allowing children to communicate through both their watch and any accompanying phone/tablet. In addition, the Face Talk feature allows children to make video calls to any friends/parents/family they choose to.

The 4G reception in-built into the TickTalk 3 Universal Kids Smartwatch allows location tracking to be particularly accurate, offering reassurance to parents. In addition, the TickTalk 3 Universal Kids Smartwatch carries many key features including an alarm, in-built games and calendar.

As one of the most expensive watches on the market, parents will be pleased that the TickTalk3 comes with switchable wallpapers and replaceable wrist straps. Allowing kids to customize the watch faces to mix and match the wrist bands and have options should they lose/damage the watch strap.

7. Amazqi Kids Smartwatch

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best smartwatch for kids

The Amazqi Kids Smartwatch is a unisex watch that carries a multitude of features that are suitable for a wide age range of children. Affordably priced, the Amazqi Kids Smartwatch has two-functional use, one with a sim-card as a standalone phone and the other through synchronizing with an existing phone/tablet to make calls or message.

The Amazqi Kids Smartwatch is compatible with Huawei and Samsung devices, allowing teens to use their watch in collaboration with any existing phones or tablets they may have. The key features of the Amazqi Kids Smartwatch include a phone book, pedometer, a sleep monitoring app, MP3 player, photo image viewer and a sound recorder.

In addition, the Amazqi Kids Smartwatch offers a 100% satisfaction service for 30 days allowing kids to try out the watch and make sure it’s for them – useful for parents and children alike.

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