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With music accessibility bigger and wider than ever, finding great-sounding speakers to play your favourite tunes from could traditionally be an expensive and cumbersome experience. Bulky-box type speakers with wires and audio equipment often took over the whole room and invariably weren’t too effective.

The advent of soundbars has changed all of that. These line-shaped speaker systems sit below your TV, only require one outlet and provide sound that’s way better than the speakers in built into your TV set – making them hugely popular the world over.

Best Soundbar 2020 ~ Top audio speakers for home cinema

Choosing the right type of soundbar system for you will depend on your personal preference, tolerance for wires, and space constraints, but there are good options available in all these configurations.

This guide breaks down the best weighted soundbars on the market and goes into detail on each product – to help find the best soundbar option for you.

Best Soundbar 2020

1. VIZIO Soundbar

Best Selling Soundbar

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best soundbar

There are a multitude of factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate soundbar for you. From aesthetics to sound quality, space available to TV size – finding the correct soundbar is no easy task. The VIZIO Soundbar however is a best-selling product across the market due to its incredible adaptability and sound quality.

The VIZIO Soundbar has one of the easiest set-up processes available on the market with only 1 cable required to connect the soundbar and the TV. In addition, the 29-inch speaker system isn’t cumbersome and won’t take up much room in any TV space.

Each VIZIO Soundbar contains built in Bluetooth, which lets you lose the wires and listen to your music with a tap of a finger. In terms of sound quality, the 95 dB of room filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion makes it one of the very best on the market.

The premium audio with DTS Studio SoundTM, DTS Tru Volume TM and DTS TruSurroundTM mean the VIZIO Soundbar punches well above its weight in terms of size – making it ideal for flats/apartments.

With an affordable pricing structure and 90-day warranty, the VIZIO Soundbar is one of the most reputable products in the soundbar market and is a must have for anyone looking to turn the volume up at home.

2. MEGACRA Soundbar

Best Reasonably Priced Soundbar

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best soundbar

Obviously, having all the latest gizmos and gadgets can become a costly pastime and the MEGACRA Soundbar is one of the market leaders in the affordable pricing range associated within the soundbar market.

With room-filling sound, the powerful MEGACRA soundbar delivers a round, high-end audio experience for bedroom and apartments. The enhanced bass with 3inch full range drivers and dual bass ports enabling richer and deeper bass sounds that fill the room without distortion. The multiple wireless and wired connections: easily connect to the soundbar via Bluetooth or a standard audio cable connection – meaning there is something for everyone.

In addition, the MEGACRA soundbar offers three different equaliser modes: movie, music and dialogue, allowing you to fine tune your soundbar, via the remote control to match your favourite sounds. Users can adopt multiple setups too. The MEGACRA soundbar can sit flat below the TV screen or securely mount on the wall for a sleek, elegant home theater setup.

Available in both 28inch and 40inch size profiles, the MEGACRA soundbar is one of the most innovative products in class and is an excellent choice for those looking to maximise their home-speaker system without breaking the bank.

3. MPOW Soundbar

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best soundbar

Whilst the advent of soundbar technology was designed to provide a more wholesome home-speaker system for users, the appeal of a bigger more comprehensive speaker system will always be there for those who can afford it and have the space to do it.

The MPOW Soundbar is the perfect choice for those who are looking to up the anti with their soundbar choice and pump up the volume! The MPOW Soundbar has 4 built-in 2-inch full range speakers and 2 bass reflex tubes deliver powerful and richer bass. Sound bar output up to 95dB of loud audio to upgrade your TV audio experience – ideal for those looking for a big sound.

The advanced DSP technology in the MPOW Soundbar contains subwoofers which are designed with digital signal processing technology for exceptional clarity and precision. In addition, each soundbar contains 3D stereo surround sound – allowing you enjoy an immersive audio and home theater experience.

Possessing all the popular features such as Bluetooth connectivity and 3 equaliser modes, the MPOW Soundbar is one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market. As such, the 40inch system is priced a little higher than some of its competitors but it is the perfect soundbar for those looking to enjoy their audio experience to the full.

4. Samsung 2.1 Soundbar

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best soundbar

Few electronics companies possess the worldwide appeal that Samsung do. With some of the most innovative products on the market, they have built up a fantastic reputation over the past 20 years and have become a household name.

The Samsung 2.1 Soundbar is their latest foray into the soundbar system market and like many of their products, is a market leader. The soundbar contains a wireless subwoofer enabling you to hear incredible sound quality throughout your home. In addition, the Samsung 2.1 soundbar automatically analyzes the content and optimises the sound setting for the best experience possible.

Unsurprisingly, the Samsung 2.1 Soundbar is optimised to work seamlessly with Samsung TVs and deliver a superior entertainment experience. With an innovative game mode designed to boost game sound effects, clutter-free wireless connectivity and Bluetooth compatibility, it offers some of the key features of any soundbar worth its salt.

Whilst certainly at the more expensive end of the market, the Samsung 2.1 Soundbar won’t be for everyone. But with innovative features and an exceptionally clear sound system, it is the ideal choice for those who already have a Samsung TV.

5. RIF6 Soundbar

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best soundbar

The introduction of soundbars on the market were designed to minimalise clutter in the home and allow users to experience immersive audio without having to compile a big speaker system. Developments on the market however have meant that a more streamline approach to even the original soundbar could be a gap in the market.

The RIF6 Soundbar provides exactly that. With a stream-line design, the RIF6 soundbar is specifically designed to reduce clutter in the home without compromising any sound quality. This sleek and slim 35.43 x 3.07 x 2.75 inches single soundbar delivers impressive sound quality wherever you place it. It comfortably sits on a shelf or desk in front of your tv or it can be mounted on to the wall for an elegant home-theatre setup.

The USP of the RIF6 Soundbar is its 4 distinct sound modes – allowing you to fine tune your audio to match your favorite sound. The 4 settings are Music, Movies, News and 3D surround with each mode enabling you to hear and feel every sound.

The wireless connectivity of the RIF6 Soundbar compares favourably on the market too. The Soundbar is powered with integrated inputs to bring all media in life with amplified audio. It can easily connect to your TV or device through 5.0 Bluetooth – which travels up to 33 feet range so you can stream through your mobile phone/tablets anywhere in the room with just a tap of a finger.

Whilst not necessarily possessing the most innovative product on the market, the RIF6 Soundbar is a space-efficient choice for those looking for maximum sound with limited space at home.

6. Polk Audio Soundbar

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best soundbar

Much like the speaker system market, there is still plenty of mileage for products that appeal to the top end of the pricing structure and the Polk Audio Soundbar is one of the most sought-after choices on the soundbar market.With an emphasis on maximising sound quality, the Polk Audio Soundbar is a premium ultra-slim soundbar with included wireless subwoofer that holds 5 powerful full-range drivers, all of which contribute to a rich sound with deep bass.

One of the USP’s for Polk Audio is their exclusive voice adjust technology that enables users to adapt the many features on the soundbar without a remote control. In addition, the in-build Dolby Digital Decoding Maximises the sound clarity on the sound bar and reduces voice delays.

Polk Audio have also done a lot of work to ensure their speaker is appropriately sized. Standing at just over 2ft tall, it fits into most home TV systems perfectly and doesn’t block visibility.

With the ability to wirelessly stream music from your favorite streaming apps directly from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible device through the built-in Bluetooth technology, the Polk Audio Soundbar is perfect for those looking to listen to their favourite tunes on demand.

Whilst operating at the top end of the market, the Polk Audio Soundbar is one of the most innovative products available to you and if you’re looking to blast your favourite song at home without a cumbersome speaker system cluttering the room, the Polk Audio Soundbar is the perfect choice for you.

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